“One dream it was…” by Mohit Sharma

A mask of a mask , a face of a face

An angel dancing with the demon’s grace

On the song of god , sung by sinners

Chasing the losers , denying the winners

Aah ! you wonderful face of pride

You fighter unknown , you wings of flight

Betray ! Betray ! This world insane ,

Let’s restart this senseless game……!

  • Mohit Sharma

One dream it was… just a little dream

Of having a career & being a mother

Without being smothered by another

Chivalrous man , a pastor supreme

One dream it was… just a little dream

Not being a monolithic momentumal souvenir

A tale to tell , a crying whishper of a marketeer

just roaming around in my self esteem

One dream it was… just a little dream

To be woman , the Shakti herself

To be the “I” , to be myself …!

To be a “voice” , not another SCREAM.

One dream it was… just a little dream

Mohit Sharma

” Why can’t we stay friendsow heart you

I know I did bad , but all I am asking for is friendship

Please be my friend at least”

” You can not have a funeral without burying a body “


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