“The Battle” – Devansh Arora

“The Battle” – Devansh Arora

The sun was up, She looked so messed up. Yet so beautiful to him, He looked deep into those eyes as if in those, he wanted to swim. She just nonchalantly smiled while they wished each other morning, None of them even had a clue what new storm was aborning. Like every usual day they started to get ready for work, They have fought many battles to be together but they considered them being together a perk. After so much of struggle finally they could promise each other to grow old together, And now they thought it was also favoured by aether. As usual the two of them left for their individual work, But weirdly enough, today he felt a little irked. A few hours at his work, a news hits him, Suddenly the light in his eyes started to get dim. She just had a fatal accident, His brain just went totally abstinent. His body started to get cold, His eyes just drained the tears due the sentiments he wasn’t able to hold. To ask doctor about her condition, he was very afraid though, He gathered himself and rushed to the hospital. somehow, The doctor consoled him by letting him know she was out danger, He just felt the god showed some mercy on him but here came the gamechanger. The accident ended up in her memory loss, Now he had to start over again to get this across. All those struggles and promises they had, Were somehow for her, now dead. He had to make them alive again, He decided to work upon them without caring about any loss or gain. Many advised him to leave her and live his own life, But he was determined to bring back to life, the memories that were stabbed with a knife. At a point after ten years of struggle, he felt all weak, But his promise of growing old together didn’t let him get away or sneak. He just did every single possible thing to get her back, Fighting a lost war while carrying her as knapsack. All this time he had been so strong, But now his hopes are dying as its been ten years long. A week later came their anniversary, He was crestfallen but his life was on its way to come back again with a bursary. The big day starts with birds chirping near their window after a long time, He didn’t knew happiness was about to ring his heart’s chime. He opened his eyes to see her looking at his face so innocently, He saw a new glow to her face and smile which just showed up suddenly but prominently. The next words he heard just made him cry, She wished him, “Happy anniversary” and he just quietly took a moment to sigh. He finally had conquered the hardest battle ever, Just yesterday he was thinking it would happen never. From his eyes tears of happiness rolled, As he realized he is going to be able to complete his promise to her of together growing old. That day, it wasn’t just her getting back her memories, It was also him turning alive once again his memories. A man who stood by his words and his love even when his own family and friends advised him to quit, Got back his life, his love, his happiness, his promises in form of her and the torch of his victory was lit.

Writer – Divyansh Arora

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