What is Electricity ?

Indeed today the life of all the scientific, professional and practical world hinges on the backbone of electricity. Whether the weather is cold or anything else, today’s life can not be a step in the absence of electricity. Where power can take the life of a human being in a shock, modern medicine also uses its shaking to prolong life and protection. Whether there is an opera-theater or a patient-watching and drug-delivery-room, electricity should be there. Not only urban life, today rural life has also started experiencing lame lulla in the absence of electricity. Earlier, the rural people used to be bitten by the time they did it. All the types of daily work, whether it was agricultural work or not, were taken care of. At night, the lamps of mustard-earth oil used to shine brightly. But today? The process of this village-electrification has changed the human values and cultural consciousness of its life by making it completely aligned. Even if there is no other work, even in the Dharamsala, there is no ritualism in the field of electrical experiments. Due to not running tube well, the fields remain dry and the crops remain unbouched. Not possible till harvesting Even today, the hardworking and self-reliant people of the country, today, made complete slaves of their power and kept them in vain and waste. The world related to its consciousness and activism has changed itself.

The condition of the cities is even more odd. There are many households in the house where there is no possibility that it would be possible to make food in the power of electricity. The work that is done with the power of fire. Fridge, heaters, coolers, radios, televisions, telephones, even water-dried tap water is also populated by electricity. However, when it will go on a long journey with the help of the work-efficiency of the electricity provider, then why will it be constrained to not be wasted? Remember that at that moment, when you are sitting in a theater and enjoying the music or drama etc, and you are feeling happy with the cultural program, then the power is lost and the women sitting around you are not only panic, but also sitting in the hall so-called Suffering-obsessed audiences started shouting from the businesses that were in the darkness, how much it would have been, the spine of modern life, this power The number of how many people have gone upwards, copies of the operators of this spine All of these experiences, whose description and descriptions are often found in newspapers also. It is clear that Bijal has made the human being his slave within it.

At the level of behavior today most of life’s work is dependent on electricity. Let’s talk of trains, trams, trolleys, lifts, wings, coolers, fridges etc. today, life remains blind due to the lack of electricity in the broad day light. All the work, all the activities where the rest of the house hangs down. It is okay, when the spine is not right, it will not stay straight, then where will the body stand for any work? Do not you also feel like us that the Indian power supply department is bent on keeping the spine behind the country as well as the people. Here the mindset of corruption and vested interests is working, it is certainly a deep black spot on the forehead of independent India. Darkness, dark black spot, i.e. stigma flourishing in the shadow of light In such a situation, if some people call themselves ‘big koota shay’ of this department, then the truth is said. There is nothing to be surprised about.


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