Worldpeace and India

Worldpeace and India

India has always been a spiritualist and peaceful nation. It is certain that the happiness and prosperity of the world is only possible in a peaceful environment and India has always been trying for it. India is a desirous nation of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and ‘Survey Bhavantu Sukhin: Survey Sanu Niramaya: whose basic sense is to establish peace. The country having a feeling of ‘Bahujan Hitya’ can not even think of the loss of any other country. India is a strong supporter of world peace. He has always been opposing the destructive use of any kind of war, nuclear power. It has come to believe that the differences between different nations have been settled by the peaceful dialogue. He did this kind of effort always through the United Nations. India attempted to make the ceasefire successful by sending its troops to South Korea, Congo, Egypt and Vietnam under the auspices of the League of Nations. But this does not mean that India has always endured every kind of injustice and oppression. Whenever someone tried to dissolve our peace or imposed a war on us, then we have responded to it, history is a witness to this. We have never been spared the encroachment of our national boundaries and have not tried to encroach upon our national boundaries and to grab the kingdoms of others. Today the great powers of the world and their hollow little nations have pushed the world to the Third World War. Arab-Israeli war, Vietnam war, Russia and Hungary, South Africa and Nambia, Tanzania and Uganda conflict etc. have been breaking the world peace from time to time. Today the world is standing on the verge of war. Indian armies have been away from their frontiers on time, but they have mainly been in peace in any war-torn country.

Although our country’s foreign policy has neutrality, India is committed to the fact that there will always be present where it will be needed to protect peace in the world.

Today, India is confused with India itself. China and Pakistan occupy the land of India. To solve them, we resort to dialogue, but even then we have to make ourselves strong, then we can put our influence on others and we can accept our point of view .


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  1. यह हिन्दी में लिखा होता तो इसकी बात ही कुछ और होती… और इस लेख का स्तर बहुत ऊंचा हो जाता।

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